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What I have learned from JT Foxx

JT Foxx, who is he?

It was March 2017 when I first met JT Foxx. I was surfing the internet reading about women in leadership role, women in a male dominating industry, different management styles, etc. until I saw a free Mega Speaker event that was going to take place in Zürich. Public speaking is something that I struggle and I know that if I want to be successful, I need to be able to speak in public. So I signed up for that event and thank god I did!

The Mega Speaker event was really inspiring and I've never seen anything like that. It was not only about how to become a speaker or a coach, but it was also the important topics like branding, marketing, how to package, how to price, how to make your first 100'000, your first 1'000'000, your first 10'000'000 etc. I was in awe, sceptical yet excited and ready to jump out of the plane! I know I need what JT was offering because for the last 10 years I struggle to find a business that I think would eventually work and also the biggest struggle was to find the kick and courage to start one.

Like JT said, we could all avoid the mistakes that he has made when starting out as an entrepreneuer if we have a coach by our side who has done it all and is already successful. This statement really hit me so I was the first to sign up for the Dream Team coaching program at the Mega Speaker Zürich event.

Dream Team

In May 2017, I attended my first Dream Team Sweden coaching. Again, I was glad that I did, because I was not alone. There were other students who had similar struggles as me. There were also successful students who struggle to bring their business to the next level and I must say that I learned most from these student's experiences and the next steps that the coaches have advised and directed them. Most importantly, these coaches are handpicked personally by JT for this program. Coach Reggie, Rose, Les and Jeff are amazing people. They are all very inspiring speakers and coaches from different backgrounds with the same goal, which is to find out the students' need (what do they need and who do they need) and coach them from there. The ideas that these coaches come up with are beyond imagination and it's great working with top-notch coaches.


I definitely have many little voices telling me that 'I can't', 'I'm not strong enough', 'I don't have time', 'It's not possible' and etc. I know I'm a strong woman and I can do many things if I want to, but if I don't have the right mindset, I will never achieve them or it will take ages to achieve them. I'm grateful that Coach Reggie and I have worked out some of my mindset issues ... to quote him 'Don't confuse yourself with unapproachable vs strong woman'!

What happened after Dream Team was very unexpected, which will have a big shift in mine and my family's life. I was back at the office the next day after Sweden, my boss called. I was given the opportunitiy to relocate to Shanghai to grow the business in Asia Pacific region and was specially picked for this position. My husband and I are in Sales positions in Zürich specializing in the Turbomachinery industry and due to current decentralization of the organization, we have been given this career growth opportunity in Shanghai. You would think ... the timing is all wrong! I was planning to fire my boss by the end of the year. Don't get me wrong. I love my job. Not many people can say that. I love the bids, the selling process, negotiation and closing deals and to be given this great opportunity now, I just couldn't say no. But how would it be possible for me to start my speaking and coaching business and still continue in my full time job!

But this is a mindset problem, isn't it. I'm so glad that I have JT's coaches whom are accessible to me whenever I have questions or need some advice to get back on track. So I stop thinking of the 'how' and only think of the 'why'. I put the 'how' in my first goal settings for the next 6 months and more to come.

I'm determine to make both my Shanghai assignment a success as well as building my business. At the end of the day, I will be able to add more value in my business from the experiences gathered. But the business side will definitely need to take a back seat as Reggie said, but that doesn't mean that I'm giving up. I will still need the right mind set, the right goal settings, the right energy management, the right behaviour, the right attitude, the right focus to achieve this goal. And who do I need to keep me right on track? Like JT said, he's already a millionaire and yet he has 8 coaches that he still consult and they hold him accountable and keep him on track.

I've met some wonderful people who are students of JT's and they are either already successful or onto being successful. I get to learn a lot from their experiences and also share mine, and these exchanges provide focus and is the best platform for people with the same mindset and goals.

It has only been 4 months since I met JT and his organization. A lot has happened in my life, not necessarily on my business currently, but a lot to do with my being, my mind, the type of conversations that I have with people that I meet, which have had an impact in my life.

I look forward to getting my next coaching at JT's house in Thailand in August. 2017 will be THE year to a life changing journey!


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