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Hello, I'm Mei Ling Chin. 
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Who is Mei Ling Chin?

Mei Ling Chin is one of the leaders in a multinational company for the APAC region.

Mei Ling is also the founder of ‘Selling your WHY’, an online community focusing on the core topic of ‘selling and winning acceptance’ in the four key areas – life, skills, personal growth and women.


She is dedicated to empowering people to acquire the skills necessary for a passionate and purposeful life with endless motivation to learn, grow, love, contribute and be significant.

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Keynotes and Workshops

Inspire your team, organization or community with keynotes and workshops. 

Past Events

Asian Women Leadership Summit China (AWLS), Shanghai


9th March, 2018

12th April, 2018

14th April, 2018

3rd - 5th June, 2018

23rd - 25th August, 2018

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